How It Works

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Create an account, choose your plan and place your order before the cut off date.

2. We Fill Up Your Box

We'll fill your box with only the most delicious mouthwatering Mexican candies and snacks.

3. MexiTreat yo'self!

Sit back and wait for your special delivery! Enjoy your dulces, you deserve it!

Your box will arrive between the 25th to the 30th of each month.

Plans auto-renew & may be canceled online at any time.

Last day to order on October 19

About Mexitreat

We're just a couple of SoCal guys who love Mexican Candy.  It's more than just a snack - a bite into a pulparindo takes us back to the days when we were free to chase the paletero. Life isn't like it used to be, and access to mazapanes should not be what keeps you up at night. Let us deliver a box of your childhood favorites right to your door. At home or at work, either way, you'll be indulging in sweet, savory, spicy goodness in no time!

What You Get

  • Carefuly curated snacks and candies
  • Some of the most popular brands and items
  • Rare and hard to find Mexican candies and snacks
  • A perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy
  • Each mexitreat box retails up to $20 worth of treats
  • A priceless monthly package of delicious nostalgia