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About Mexitreat

We're just a couple of SoCal guys who love Mexican Candy.

It's more than just a snack, a bite into a pulparindo takes us back to the days when we were free to chase the paletero. Life isn't like it used to be, and access to mazapanes should not be what keeps you up at night. Let us deliver a box of your childhood favorites right to your door. At home or at work, either way, you'll be indulging in sweet, savory, spicy goodness in no time!


For the love of Mexico

We love to travel, and our adventures throughout Mexico have allowed us to come across treats we hadn't seen around in years! We also happen to live in Americas Finest City, sweet home San Diego and our proximity to Mexico allows us constant access to all of the staples, you know, the rebanaditas, the pelon peloricos, ganzitos, all that good stuff.

We couldn't imagine a life without saladitos for our oranges or chamoy and tajin for our micheladas! In a just world, we all would have access to such mouthwatering deliciousness. So we guess this is just us doing our part to make the world a better place.

For you!

We are putting an end to a world without Mexican candy at your fingertips. A simple and affordable subscription would bring a box full of delicious Mexican treats to you. It's like having your own personal piñata delivered right to your door, except it comes in a discreet box, so you don't have to share unless you want to!